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"Walker's drum circles are amazing! He immediately puts even the most timid person at ease and soon has the entire group totally engaged. He is a master at bringing out the best in every person and adapts easily to serve a wide variety

of ages, disabilities, and circumstances. It's always one of our favorite camp activities."

Joy O'Neal, Executive Director

The Red Barn
Glad to Meet You,
My Name's Walker.


I founded Rejoicing Rhythms to inspire JOY through drumming. Our program integrates group drumming with proven health strategies to help maximize JOY and wellness regardless of age, health, or special needs. Using drums and percussion instruments, we create a joyful, energizing time of recreation, creativity, and expression. JOY is a gift from the Lord, and He has given me the incredible blessing of sharing His gift through Rejoicing Rhythms!

So what does Rejoicing Rhythms look like?


The video above gives a brief glimpse into what our programs can look like, but you may be wondering how Rejoicing Rhythms can work in your organization. Here's where you come in. We want to hear from you what your needs are. We take your feedback and develop a program that best fits your organization. Key factors we consider when customizing programs: number and age of participants, health and mobility of participants, and most importantly, your organization's needs. We have had the blessing to work with various populations - seniors, students, special needs, healthcare, ministry, at-risk youth, veterans and more. Our programs rarely look the same, but creativity, expression, wellness and JOY are found at the heart of all our programs.

Contact Us


We'd love to talk with you and answer any questions. You can reach us at 205.585.8453 or

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