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Hi, my name is Walker, or as many call me, the "drummer man". From a young age, I was drawn to the drums - the sounds, the rhythms, and most of all, the way I felt when I played them. I got my first drumset for Christmas when I was 6, and much to my parent's dismay, there was no turning me down or back. Little did I know that this first drumset would take center stage in God's plan for my passion and career.

As a REMO artist, I am proud to use

REMO instruments exclusively for

Rejoicing Rhythms programs.

Fast Forward...


​Today I am living out my childhood dreams as a professional drummer, REMO endorsed artist and drum circle facilitator. I created Rejoicing Rhythms to inspire joyful expression and creativity through drumming and music. Our sessions combine my passion for drumming and percussion with my background in healthcare and wellness. After seeing the joy that drumming can bring to all people, regardless of their age, health, or special needs, I know that I have found something special in Rejoicing Rhythms. I'm thankful to get to share it with you!

When I'm not drumming, you can find me with my family. My wife, Mendy, and I have made our home in Birmingham. The Lord has blessed us with two amazing kiddos, Sully (16) and Adde (14). We love worshipping the Lord at the Church at Brook Hills.


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